The Way of the Seabhean

In The Way of the Seabhean: An Irish Shamanic Path, Amantha Murphy (assisted by her scribe, Orla O’Connell) talks about how she perceives the world to be a weave of energy, with every human being a thread on that great weave. The book itself is also rather like a weave; a rich tapestry of wisdom about the Irish Shamanic path that Amantha has walked since she was a child, woven and interspersed with her own personal story throughout.

The Way of the Seabhean is a treasure trove of information about the shamanic worlds of the author’s Irish tradition: the goddesses (some lesser-known and some more familiar); the chakras; the Wheel of the Year; rituals and rites of passage and women’s mysteries; to name but a few.

This book will appeal to anyone with Irish heritage who feels a pull to go deeper in exploring the storytelling and beliefs that form a fundamental part of their roots, as well as to those who simply hold an interest in learning about shamanism within the context of the historically mythical country that is Ireland.

Amantha herself is a master storyteller, and the fact that the book is peppered with her own unique experiences brings the subjects she discusses to life and leaves the reader eager to reach the next section. Lastly, there is a handy and extensive glossary and pronunciations section at the back of the book, which is extremely helpful in enabling the reader to understand what may be an unfamiliar language to them – and only serves to bring even more richness to this magical book as a whole.

Book Details: Amantha Murphy, with Orla O’Connell. The Way of the Seabhean. Womancraft Publishing (February 2021). ISBN 978-1-910559-63-5

Review Details: The Way of the Seabhean was reviewed by Emma Mulholland, sub-editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 47.

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