The Way of Change

The Way of Change. Finding Your Power To Thrive In A Changing World.

Luitha K Tamaya had a very gentle style of communicating which makes The Way of Change very easy to both read and work with. Although she offers exercises and practical ideas throughout, it is far from prescriptive and very much about finding your own way, trying things out and seeing what works for you.

Luitha has a shamanic background and writes from a shamanic perspective which means she includes ideas such as Despacho ceremonies, shamanic journeying, fire ceremonies, altars, shadow altars and calling the lost shadow back home within the techniques she suggests.

The book is mainly divided into five areas: Change, Connection, Truth, Courage and Vision, all of which encourage her reader to find ways to take ownership of change by working from a place of personal power. She advocates developing a strong connection to Spirit and calling Spirit in at all times.

This is an extremely practical book which uses shamanic tools for personal transformation and would be useful for anyone starting out on a shamanic path or who wishes to put their shamanism to real practical use.

 The Way of Change was reviewed by Yvonne Ryves, author of Web of Life

 Luitha K Tamaya, The Way of Change.  Finding Your Power to Thrive in a Changing World. Axis Mundi Books (2013) ISBN: 978 1 84694 959 3

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