The Hidden Worlds

The Hidden Worlds is a beautifully constructed story which is woven by the blending of coming of age themes, high school antics, important environmental issues and fundamental aspects on shamanism. The book comes alive with its unique, yet relatable characters who discover their power animals and how working with these energies can help bring great change for their environment. As each character in the book discovers their own authenticity, the reader is able to naturally grow their understanding of shamanism through these characters’ experiences, whilst enjoying the story as it unfolds. The detail in which the book is written allows the reader to feel like they are living the story which adds to the fascination in reading the accounts of their journeying whilst waiting to discover what happens next.

From an adult perspective, it is heart-warming to read and share this book with the family, especially as the younger members of the family show intrigue for the almost childlike, shamanic flavour blended with the portrayal of friendship, teamwork and acceptance of each other and are then able to apply these lessons to their own lives through family discussion. The Hidden Worlds is a book with so much to offer for the family as a whole, because it brings everyone together just like the characters who decide to work together to achieve a common goal in the book.

Sandra Ingerman, an internationally acclaimed shamanic teacher and author and Katherine Wood, an experienced teacher and shamanic practitioner have produced by way of this book, a gem for any family home library which can also serve as a wonderful introduction to shamanism for our younger generation.

Book Details: Sandra Ingerman and Katherine Wood. The Hidden Worlds. Moon Books (27 July 2018). ISBN: 978-1785358203

Review Details: The Hidden Worlds was reviewed by Badrunnisa Patel and the review was published in Issue 38 of Indie Shaman magazine.

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