Shamanic Healing

Another excellent offering from Itzhak Beery Shamanic Healing is, as its sub title states, “Traditional Medicine for the Modern World”; providing a fascinating look into the indigenous shamanic traditions Beery learned from his teachers, with an approach appropriate to modern life.

Beery introduces his book with a section contrasting two health systems, shamanic healing and Western medicine; explaining how the two can work together for a better, more holistic approach to wellness. In Chapter 1, Beery tells the story of his personal journey and introduces his teachers including Don José Joaquin Pineda, an Ecuadorian Yachak and Shoré, a Kanamari Pagé from the Brazilian Amazon. Chapter 2 discusses shamanism and shamanic healing, giving examples from various indigenous traditions. This is followed by a chapter giving clear step- by-step instructions on a wide variety of healing techniques and ceremonies. The last chapter contains 30 personal inspirational client healing stories.

The detail of indigenous tools and techniques makes particularly informative reading. Beery shares practices which include the use of plants, stones, fire, rum, eggs, flower essences and sound as well as protection and self-defence techniques for confronting negative energies, such as spirit attachment and possession.

Highly recommended as an interesting and compelling read as well as a source of practices for personal healing or use with clients.

Book Details: Itzhak Beery. Shamanic Healing. Destiny Books (June 2017). ISBN: 978-1620553763

Review Details: Shamanic Healing was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine; the review was published in Issue 34 of Indie Shaman.

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