Shamanic Alchemy

Shamanic Alchemy is a wonderfully detailed and informative book in which James Endredy brings the practical and intuitive connections between shamanism and alchemy to life. The reader is offered a unique insight into how traditional shamanic techniques offer access into the sacred art of alchemy as the author shares his insights into shamanic and alchemical cosmologies and initiations.

By including in his book, the comprehensive exploration of shamanic spagyrics – the preparation of herbal medicines using alchemic procedure, Endredy takes a novice and turns them into an aspiring alchemist by providing easy to follow instructions in the preparation of necessary equipment to create herbal remedies using alchemic methods.

Through in-depth deciphering of the intricate Azoth mandala, attributed to the legendary 15th century alchemist, Basil Valentine, the author creates an initiatic experience, interwoven with step-by-step, shamanic alchemy practices for inner transformation, including consciousness-altering techniques, sacred ceremonies and vision questing, just to name a few.

This book brings together the similarities of shamanism and alchemy and provides the opportunity to explore both practices with their shared goal, which is to assist the practitioner in transmuting spiritual energy thereby allowing them to grasp the deeper mysteries of life and nature.

James Endredy is a practicing shaman of Hungarian descent. He has spent around 30 years of his life learning his craft from formal initiations with the Peyote shamans of Mexico and from living with and learning from shamanic cultures in North and South America. He is currently, actively involved in preserving historic alchemy texts as well as the world’s indigenous cultures and sacred sites. He lives in California and is also the award-winning author of several books.

Book Details: James Endredy. Shamanic Alchemy. Bear & Company (30 May 2019). ISBN: 978-1591433170.

Review Details: Shamanic Alchemy was reviewed by Badrunnisa Patel for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 41.

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