Plant Spirit Healing

Plant Spirit Healing: A guide to working with plant consciousness

I think it’s fair to say that the reading of this book has had a profound effect on me as an individual, and has in many ways inspired much of the work we have recently been doing with our events – not least of all the ‘Plant Consciousness’ event which ran last October.

I first came across this book whilst doing the research for that aforementioned event and was immediately taken by it. Covering a range of inter-related topics author and Plant Spirit Healer and teacher, Pam Montgomery, takes us on a journey into the plant world. She explains about the importance of the heart when connecting with plants and how in doing so we also open ourselves up to the possibility of actually making contact with the spirit or the consciousness of that particular species of plant. She then goes on to explain how and why we might want to do this.

This book nicely brings together many different threads from the wider spiritual space but with a particularly shamanic flavour and always with reference to what that might mean when working with plants. Thus, topics like chakras, heart entrainment, indigenous prophecies and the Chinese Five Elements all find their way into the various chapters.

Not only did this book convince me that Pam should be an integral part of the programme for our first Plant Consciousness event but in its own way has kick-started a whole process for me of direct communication with many new plants. Pam’s Plant Spirit Communication workshop, which we ran at Plant Consciousness built on the books premise but in a practical way that enabled all the participants to have a direct experience of communicating with the spirit of a plant. There was no use of any psycho-active plants used in that process but I can safely say that it was one of the most profound workshop/teaching experiences I have had yet.

If you have any interest in working with plants or more specifically the consciousness behind plants or trees then this book will appeal to you. Pam shows us that the influence of plants has quite possibly always been in the background showing us the way and helping to guide the evolution of our own species and that their influence is all around us, at all times. If we will but take a moment to open our eyes and hearts to the possibilities of living in harmony with the plant world, then we might just find a way to save this planet from the ecological disaster that it is currently heading for.

I highly recommend this book to all people who are interested in working with plants, trees and fungi on a spirit level and in a shamanic way.

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Plant Spirit Healing was reviewed by Davyd Farrell, Co-Founder & Conference Director, Archetype Events.

Pam Montgomery. Plant Spirit Healing: A guide to working with plant consciousness. Bear & Company (15 Feb 2008). ISBN-10: 1591430771. ISBN-13: 978-1591430773

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