Mushroom Essences

Mushroom EssencesMushroom Essences

Mushroom essences are similar to flower essences but not so frequently used by alternative health professionals. Author of Mushroom Essences, Robert Rogers suggests that this is because while flower essences are connected to the sun and bringing light into darkness, mushroom essences bring awareness to our shadowed side and “Western civilization has an aversion to shadow work”.

Yet mushrooms are fascinating, as the author states. Mushrooms’ mycelia form symbiotic relationships with plants and trees, a fact which is often used as an example of how we are all interconnected. And over 90% of the plants on earth depend on fungi for nutritional support.

Mushroom Essences is the first book to be published on this emerging field of study and includes a reference guide to 48 medicinal mushroom and lichen essences together with wonderful photographic illustrations of individual fungi. Guidance is given on how to prepare your own essences plus there are case studies from the author’s own work with clients. At the end of the book is a useful, extensive list of issues/conditions with suggested fungi for essence work, as well as comprehensive notes and a bibliography for your own further research if needed.

An invaluable guide provided in a beautiful book and a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in working with fungi or learning more about working with these fascinating essences.

Mushroom Essences was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine

Robert Rogers, RH (AHG). Mushroom Essences. North Atlantic Books, U.S. (20 July 2016). ISBN: 978-1846941238.

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