MPower the Shaman

“Buddhism and Shamanism. And let me add something else: Autism.”

In MPower the Shaman author Gonzalo W. Bénard shares his thoughts on consciousness as well as sharing parts of his own life. Born in Lisbon from Spanish and French descendants, at the age of thirteen Bénard was taken to the psychologist of the catholic school he attended. On telling her that he couldn’t stand noise, loud minds, smells and lights, he was forced to play drums in the noisiest way possible then told that he should make a noise and play football like any other boy.

However autism brought him a wonderful world of silence and introspection. Then Buddhism taught him how to work with it and Shamanism taught him how to be a better healer and medium between worlds. All these together teaching him how all consciousness is connected and that love and compassion is the greatest healer.

Gonzalo Bénard has travelled widely, mainly through Europe, Africa and Asia, discovering rites and passages of shamanism. He spent three years in a Buddhist Monastery school of philosophy and arts in the Himalayas as well as spending time learning and practicing with shaman from the old Tibetan Bon tradition.

Difficult to evaluate and characterize, MPower the Shaman is part journal, part art, completely captivating and chocked with wisdom. Parts of this book had me marveling at Bénard’s gift of stating what should be obvious (but somehow wasn’t until he had said it) and other parts I found myself ‘standing back’ to absorb, like with a painting where you are captivated and need time to take it in.

Gonzalo Bénard’s teachings are always well worth reading and the unique and intriguing MPower the Shaman is no exception.

Book Details: Gonzalo W. Bénard. MPower the Shaman. Blurb (5 Jan. 2017). ISBN-13: 978-1366916686.

Review Details: MPower the Shaman was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine

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