Merlin: Once & Future Wizard

Merlin: Once & Future Wizard is written in best-selling author, Elen Sentier’s inimitable down to earth and immensely readable style. You can imagine her sat next to you telling the story interspersed with comments such as “… you’d just think I was an ordinary elderly woman – For I am”. But Sentier is also a walker between the worlds, an awnydd, who lives in the otherworld as well as this one, and Merlin taught her how to do this. She is a gifted storyteller; she tells you how it is and entertains you while you learn.

As Sentier says “This book is not yet another academic study of the various writings about Merlin”; it is a more personal account which also incorporates the wide range of knowledge she has from her own studies and the stories carried down in her family history. She has a personal relationship with him as well as having learned about ‘Merlin the legend’.

Merlin is our wizard here in Britain, he is one of the spirits of British land and we can again ken the old ways here. Sentier’s background is not that of core shamanism or of the modern shamanic practitioner, but of someone who grew up in the ancient tradition that has been in hiding for 2,000 years. As she says many people today have little idea about British ancient traditions and think they need to go overseas for spiritual practice as our traditions are just a lot of ‘primitive superstition’ or have all been ‘reconstructed’. But our old ones have been in hiding for a long time and are therefore, as Sentier says “very good at it”.

Fascinating, humorous, easy to read, Merlin draws you in.  So allow your brain to step over the threshold into the world of the many guises of Merlin: from the woodsman of ancient legend, through to the fatherless son; through Myrddin Wyllt and Myrddin Emrys to the Merlin of literature and media, ancient and modern … and much more including his relevance for spiritual seekers on a shamanic path today. Highly recommended reading!

Book Details: Elen Sentier. Pagan Portals – Merlin: Once & Future Wizard. Moon Books ((9 Dec. 2016). ISBN: 978-1785354533

Review Details: Merlin was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine.

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