Dirty and Divine

Dirty and Divine is a tarot book with a difference; giving the author’s personal experiences of her journey through the tarot as well as the more usual broad interpretations for each card. As Alice Grist’s states, “your impression and feeling of a card, is the right interpretation” and her willingness to share how her journey through the cards related to her personal life helps the reader also relate the cards to ‘ordinary modern life’ and learn the necessary skill of trusting themselves and their own interpretations.

Mother of two and author of five books including The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, Grist states that she wrote Dirty and Divine especially for women and those who wish to access their innate femininity, regardless of physicality. As someone who, I think, is nearly old enough to be Grist’s grandmother I probably have a slightly different perspective on feminism – Grist states that it has “risen from its early ashes” while as I see it as having been on-going. However I did find Grist’s perspectives on topics such as ‘being girly’ gave me new food for thought.

Honest, accessible, fiery and sometimes humorous, Dirty and Divine is a current, feminine, tarot-led journey suitable for both beginners and experienced readers.

Book Details: Alice B. Grist. Dirty and Divine. Womancraft Publishing (March 2017). ISBN: 978-1-910559-253

Review Details: Dirty and Divine was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine; the review was published in Issue 34 of Indie Shaman.

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