Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo

Cleansing Rites Of Curanderismo is a wonderfully detailed book which provides a wealth of knowledge about the Mesoamerican shamanic cleansing practices known as limpias. The way in which the book is balanced with historical and cultural information along with exceptional attention paid to providing reasons for the uses of a variety of essentials such as herbs, eggs, feathers, flowers, fire and water within each limpia ritual adds to the rich authenticity of the book.

Erika Buenaflor is descended from a long line of grandmother curanderas and has studied with other curanderas/os in Mexico, Peru and Los Angeles. The author’s personal story of her own devastating injury and her healing through limpias, plus her 20 years of experience as a practicing curandera and her graduate studies engaged in Mesoamerican shamanism are all distinctly felt as the reader is taken on a journey in which modern curanderismo practices are traced back to their native origins, sacred stories behind these ancient practices are shared and the extensive description of the purposes and benefits of each type of limpia is clearly explained. Supporting practices such as the medicinal chants used by the curanderos and the practice of platicas, heart-straightening talks, which are all fundamental aspects of various limpias are also explained.

The depth in which these ancient Yucatec Maya and Mexica practices are explored, explained step-by-step and demonstrated via case studies will provide the reader with a thirst to further their learning or, in fact, enable them to carry out their own limpias.

Book Details: Erika Buenaflor. Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo. Bear & Company (9 Aug. 2018). ISBN: 978-1591433118

Review Details: Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo was reviewed by Badrunnisa Patel for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 39.

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