Body Healing Cards

Being a big fan of oracle cards, I jumped at the chance to review the Body Healing Cards (a 56-card deck and guidebook) by Ewald Kliegel, a practising massage therapist and naturopath with more than 40 years of hands-on healing work experience and Anne Heng, a painter and illustrator, who together created the deck and the beautiful and intriguing artwork for the cards.

My first impression of the guidebook was that the deck is perhaps not best suited to a beginner in using oracle cards and would therefore be more appropriately used and understood by those who have experience in working with energy and card decks alike. The cards are designed to support the user in intuitively investigating the essence of the individual organs, explore their interconnectedness with the body and discover their physical, soul and spiritual layers.

Upon opening the guidebook, I was pleased to see that it was fairly detailed and contained several different suggested spreads, plus a table at the back setting out how to use crystal healing principles with each of the organs represented in the card portraits. As a crystal healer myself and someone who loves to converse with the Stone People, I really liked this additional information and found it very informative and illuminating.

As the cards are quite unique in the way in which they are designed to be used, I would recommend that one takes the time and effort to get to know the system, the spreads and how they work in order to utilise them to their fullest, as I wouldn’t describe this as a deck for casual use. I feel that doing this would pay dividends to anyone wishing to use them as a complementary tool to their own healing journey or for client work, because I believe that familiarity with them would bear fruit and lead to the development of intuitive use outside of the example spreads in the book.

Details: Ewald Kliegel, Anne Heng. Body Healing Cards. Findhorn Press (10 June 2021). ISBN 978-1644112557.

Review Details: The Body Healing Cards were reviewed by Em Mulholland, sub-editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 51.

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