Beauty and Bravery

Beauty and Bravery, Sakara

Beauty and BraverySakara’s second CD, Beauty and Bravery, is heavier than her first; opening with the track Fearless where angelic singing intersperses with metal gravel and some explicit lyrics. Weave My Web begins like a Gregorian choir, Sakara reading out an invocation, then demonstrating the amazing range and versatility of her voice with some eerily high notes among Metallica like riffs. Angels and Demons is a beautifully atmospheric slower number – brooding like a gothic ballad with cellos. Shield Maidens is equally atmospheric with the spoken word over a background of atmospheric music: “ … Honour; Courage; Truth; Justice; Mercy… I am a child of the universe, spear by my side, and I am ready to fight”.

Memories starts gently then the drums enter and it gets rocky. Orca starts with whale like sounds followed by storm gathering rock with great guitar riffs.   Sea Priestess slows it down again; beautifully Celtic in style. Mystery is a short folky track with poetic shamanic lyrics – reminiscent of Kate Bush and with an equally amazing vocal style. Don’t Back Down enters with a twangy guitar reminiscent of American deserts and a mid-west film followed by screaming guitars – quite epic! Serenity is heavy, metal again rather than serene, with screaming vocals. The whole finishes with a wonderfully uplifting hidden bonus track.

With its theme about shamanism, warrior women, goddesses, priestesses, nature, courage and ancient wisdom, Beauty and Bravery is a unique and wonderful mixture of metal and the melodic.

Beauty and Bravery was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

Sakara, Beauty and Bravery. Produced, FractalSoup Studio. Released through Ravenheart Music. For more information visit Sakara’s Facebook page


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