Animal Magic

Animal Magic, part of Moon Books’ Pagan Portal series, spans author Rachel Patterson’s combination of craft of working with hedge witchery, folk magic and witchcraft, providing an introduction to the world of animal magic and working with animal spirits.

Animal Magic contains a wide variety of topics regarding animals including: explanation of the various terms used for animal spirit guides and what culture these terms originate from; symbolic meanings; animal deities; Zodiac animals including Chinese and contemporary ‘Celtic’; animal parts used in spells; omens (from sightings); shape shifting visualisation, meditations and spells to meet your spirit animal guide and a list of different animals and what they may represent symbolically.

As someone who lives with two dogs I was very disappointed to read that Patterson espouses the ‘pack theory’ for dogs, as this now out-dated ‘pack order/ your dogs must see you as the alpha’ myth based on research with captive wolves, has now been totally renounced including by the scientists who performed the original research.

Animal Magic is a light read that, although not shamanism, does explore some animistic concepts of working with animal spirits and provides an introduction to various methods and interpretations of working personally with animal spirits.

Book Details: Rachel Patterson. Animal Magic. Moon Books (31 Mar. 2017). ISBN: 978-1785354946

Review Details: Animal Magic was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine; the review was published in Issue 34 of Indie Shaman.

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