Wild Magic

Subtitled ‘Celtic Folk Traditions for the Solitary Practitioner’ this book is a wealth of traditional practices to enhance and inspire those who follow a solitary path. Although I should like to add that everything in this guide could be used equally by a group or several people working together. I really can’t find anything missing in Wild Magic; it covers everything a practitioner would need to work with the wild edges of the land within a Celtic framework. With a solid grounding in the folk wisdom from Ireland and the Celtic areas of Britain, this work covers all including the old Gods, animism and the Fairy faith.

Wild Magic is a very practical book; it contains a lot of pro-active ideas and many real hands-on exercises in spell work, charms and prayers, for example, which Danu Forest offers us as a way to deeply connect with both the land and our own wildness. The book is divided into sections: Earth, Sea and Sky, with Fire as an additional element; Our Green Kin; and Ways to Honour the Sacred Land which includes the fascinating subject of ley lines, dowsing and all-night vigils. Each of these parts is teaming with solidly researched and experienced advice on how to communicate with the beings from that realm, as well as useful information on deities and how to utilise everything within our modern fast paced lives. I particularly liked the practical section in ‘Earth’ on creating a natural divination kit; which includes guidance on what to include as well as how to use the set when prepared, even incorporating the author’s personal experiences on creating a felted mat to use with the set, complete with illustrations! There is a very thorough listing of useful herbs within the Celtic tradition in the section ‘Our Green Kin’, with magical uses and simple herbal remedies that anyone can fairly easily make.

In conclusion, I would recommend Wild Magic to everyone. Whether you are newly interested or a seasoned practitioner, you will not fail to find this work informative and engaging. I guarantee this book will be a very well-used guide on your magical bookshelf.

Book Details: Danu Forest. Wild Magic. Llewellyn Publishing (2020). ISBN 9780738762678

Review Details: Wild Magic was reviewed by Thea Prothero for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 48.

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