Whispers in the Wood

Whispers in the Wood is a lovely collection of illustrated ‘brief poems’, including Triolets, Tanka and Haiku, inspired by Martin Pallot’s walks in nature throughout the changing seasons.

The wonder of a ‘brief poem’ is how a good poet can capture a moment in time into such descriptive, evocative – and few – words. And Pallot is a very good poet.

Whispers in the Wood is not a bookcase book, it is a pocket book: a book to carry in your bag, to take into the woods or by the sea or wherever you may be going; a book to put in a work desk drawer to immerse yourself into when you are stuck indoors and badly need a break. This is a book to draw out whenever you need or want 5 minutes inspiration, peace and tranquil thought. And it would also be excellent for inspiring thoughts, jottings and writings of your own.

When I was younger I used to carry small books to dip into as the mood took me. Whispers in the Wood is such a book and I may now have to get back into the habit. Highly recommended – also would make a great affordable gift!

Book Details: Whispers in the Wood. Martin Pallot. Veneficia Publishing UK (March 2019). ISBN: 9781916044708.

Review Details: Whispers in the Wood was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 41.

Buy from Veneficia Publishing, price £4.99.



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