Walking with Trees

This is the 12th book authored by renowned environmental campaigner, teacher of Earth wisdom and co-creator of the Earth Pathways Diary, Glennie Kindred. Walking with Trees takes the reader on a deeply connective and powerful journey with 13 of the most common native trees from Britain and Europe. This is no simple or ordinary tree guide but is instead a wonderful glimpse into the world of the tree and how we, as people, can learn to relate to these majestic beings. Every chapter describes each tree’s individual qualities, history, healing properties, the enchanting myth and legends surrounding them and ideas of how to make remedies, such as tinctures and elixirs. Glennie relates each tree to a point on the eight wheel year and shares many heart-warming, insightful personal stories. I was completely captivated by her ancient yew pilgrimage and the poem inspired by the mysterious blackthorn. Included are many recipes and craft ideas, such as creating a ceremonial holly arrow and Ogham staves. I was even motivated to make some beech leaf gin after reading Glennie’s recipe which I am looking forward to sampling it later this year. No doubt more experiments will follow as the year continues. As a bonus, Glennie’s delightful and detailed illustrations further depth to the profoundly intrinsic richness of this work.

If the reader is seeking a book to both enjoy and to strengthen their understanding of trees, then this is it. Glennie’s ability to inspire joy and wonder for the earth makes this book almost shine with the love and the creative enthusiasm that she poured into it, motivating anyone who picks it up to go out and hug a tree! An imperative in this day and age with humanities’ continued disconnection from nature and the destructive effect this has on our environment.  Now is the time to reconnect with the earth and this is the book to begin with.

One of the most important books on trees, inspiring us to embrace nature and intensify our relationship. I love this book and know that the reader will probably fall in love with every tree they encounter after reading it!

Book Details: Glennie Kindred. Walking With Trees. Permanent Publications (19 Feb. 2019). ISBN: 9781856233262

Review Details: Walking With Trees was reviewed by Thea Prothero for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was  published in Issue 42.

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