Walking the Threads of Time

Walking the Threads of Time continues the stories of the Thirteen Companions introduced in the first of author Gina Martin’s series, Sisters of the Solstice Moon, as they are reincarnated through history. The Thirteen are now separated and scattered throughout time but she who was High Priestess of Isis, Atvasfara, remembers and seeks out the others in lifetime after lifetime. Through following their lives the reader is taken through medieval Europe, Egypt, China, and Ghana and from the Cree community in Canada to the French battle fields of the First World War.

Walking the Threads of Time demonstrates how Martin has honed her craft and how, as the groundwork has been laid, a second book can surpass the first (which as I said in my previous review was a remarkably accomplished novel from a new author). The well-researched and richly imagined exploration of the lives, thoughts and feelings of actual ancients like Hildegard von Bingen is wonderful. Martin’s writing flows, seemingly effortlessly, through history, herstory and the stories of the Thirteen as they seek to save Her wisdom until they are reunited.

This is a book I started off ‘reading for review’ and ended up carrying around with me until I had finished it, then found myself missing the characters and thinking “now what?”

Walking the Threads of Time is book 2 of the When She Wakes series; I am very much looking forward to book 3.


Book Details: Gina Martin. Walking the Threads of Time. Womancraft Publishing (20 July 2020). ISBN: 9781910559598

Review Details: Walking the Threads of Time was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 46.

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