The Nepalese Shamanic Path

Although of interest to all, this book is not necessarily for the novice. A sound knowledge of how to journey and a firm relationship with spirit guide or teacher are needed before attempting the exercises and rituals contained within it and although guidance in these matters is given, that is not the main purpose of this work.

The Nepalese Shamanic Path was forged from the massive earthquake of 2015 and the destruction of sacred sites and death of many elders. It was the subsequent awareness of the loss of shamanic wisdom and teaching that encouraged Bhola Nath Banstola to turn an ‘oral tradition into a written form’ to preserve what was for the benefit of all.

In twenty eight chapters, most with accompanying journeys, exercises, ceremonies, step-by-step instructions and self-exploratory questions, the book provides a thorough and practical guide to the complex web of cosmology and deities that forms Nepalese Shamanism; as well as the tools and ritual objects of the Shaman and a comprehensive glossary of names and terms.

Nepal is one of the last places on Earth where shamanic traditions are maintained, in an unbroken lineage, in their original form and meaning; this volume opens a door on this ancient eastern culture that few in the west fully understand. But the authors have also created an accessible and approachable work for the modern mind-set; even at one point quoting Gandalf to clarify the intent of a ritual hand gesture!

This book, with its wise words and beautiful and evocative photographs and illustrations, is based upon the collective wisdom of many lifetimes and will provide the reader with guidance for a lifetime of exploration and learning.  Recommended.

Book Details: Evelyn C. Rysdyk and Bhola Nath Banstola. The Nepalese Shamanic Path. Destiny Books (21 Mar. 2019). ISBN: 978-1620557945.

Review Details: The Nepalese Shamanic Path was reviewed by Martin Pallot, sub-editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 41.

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