The Golden Book of Wisdom

The Golden Book of Wisdom is a voyage of awakening and an evolutionary guide for spiritual discovery. In twenty four chapters or ‘spiritual lessons’ using the ancient Snake symbol of wisdom, healing and rebirth, Fotoula Adrimi provides guidance on ‘shedding skin’. Examples include: reclaiming personal power; soul retrieval and reclamation; discovering our life purpose via the flying serpent of the dream state; connecting to Mother Earth, to the Ouroboros of Nature’s seasons and Karmic Winds; the purpose of Incarnation and finally to the transformation of the Rainbow spirit that lies in discovering the power of the Sun, the guiding light of the Moon and Cosmic Mother and the grace of the Holy Spirit, so we may eventually embody our full potential.

The author asks us to move outside our comfort zones and to ‘cast off’ our old skins to better understand how we live and act; how to gain true awareness of the eternal essence of our soul; how to connect with our innate abilities and gifts.

There are stories, meditations, exercises, some excellent and thought provoking poetry and case histories from the author’s own teachings and experience to help us explore further our relationship with Spirit as well as our inner guidance and intuitions.

Encompassing both modern psychology and ancient spirituality, this is an esoteric and yet practical work that “explores … the path of returning home to the authentic self, and the reclaiming of inner luminosity”. The Golden Book of Wisdom provides an essentially grounded blueprint to take our understanding inwards, outwards and upwards.

Book Details: Fotoula Adrimi. The Golden Book of Wisdom. The ISIS School of Holistic Health (21 Mar. 2018).  ISBN: 978-1999641009

Review Details: The Golden Book of Wisdom was reviewed by Martin Pallot, sub-editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 40.

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