Medicine of the Imagination

Imelda Almqvist’s books aren’t to be skipped through lightly and quickly: they take the reader on a journey of exploration of themselves and the world around them. An activity is set at the end of each chapter, giving you a wonderful excuse to treat yourself to a new journal.

Medicine of the Imagination contains so many nuggets of information which can transform your world and your life, if you allow your imagination to run with them. Imelda invites us to choose to use our imagination in a new way, or even to actually use it rather than following a societal, cultural or religious path that we don’t give much thought to. This book is an invitation to explore the possibilities of our own imagination for the good of not only ourselves but all beings.

Reading this book, you will learn to flex the ‘muscles’ of your imagination and perhaps find ones that you never knew you had or at least haven’t used since childhood. We often find ourselves saying, “I can’t begin to imagine…”  This book invites us to begin to imagine. When our moral compass is spinning and we face a moral dilemma, how often do we let our imagination run riot to all possible outcomes?

Where do we find and meet our compassion? This book gives you many tools and ideas on how to use our imagination, how to use it for yourself and the world as a whole to create a better future, a better world for all. From dreaming to healing; knowing that by healing ourselves we send ripples out and in effect healing others around us, those who came before us, after us. And not only people but lands, all beings; remembering that all that inhabit Mother Earth, our planet from stars to stones from trees to tadpoles, all are alive.

This book is so needed right now, during the global pandemic, timing couldn’t be more perfect, but then again of course it is – the spirits know!

Book Details: Imelda Almqvist. Medicine of the Imagination. Moon Books (30 Oct. 2020). ISBN: 978-1789044324

Review Details: Medicine of the Imagination was reviewed by Lyn Hill for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 48.

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