Medicine for the Soul

Medicine for the Soul is described as being a complete introduction to shamanic healing and it is indeed this, yet it is also far more.

Ross takes a contemporary generic view of the word ‘shaman’ as ‘anyone who works in a shamanic way to provide healing, counselling, or divination which is undertaken in partnership with spirit guides, allies and helpers.’ Throughout the book though he weaves in examples of how other cultures work, in shamanic healing, which gives a sense of how practices are adapted to meet the needs of each culture and of how we need to do the same within our own.

If you are interested in shamanic healing Medicine for the Soul provides a comprehensive overview.  If you would like to develop your own shamanic healing skills, learn about and work on healing yourself, then you can use Medicine for the Soul as a workbook.  You can also chose to take the diploma route, do all the work, pass an exam and have your skills recognised by Ross Heaven’s organisation, The Four Gates Foundation.  This is not a quick fix and is a long way from; read a book, do the exercises, become a healer. There are numerous practices and exercises to work through covering a wide range of different aspects of shamanic healing and a journal also needs to be kept. Time needs to be given to the practice between exercises and time left between journeys, yet at the same time the work is continuous. Once started this can really become a life long journey and it begins with learning about and starting, or continuing, to heal yourself.

As someone who has worked in shamanic healing for some time, with almost all her teaching coming from her guides, I know that Medicine for the Soul will help me develop aspects of shamanic healing that I have not yet been called to work with. Medicine for the Soul is an excellent book, the best book I have come across so far on shamanic healing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with any interest at all in shamanic healing or becoming a shamanic healer.

Book Details: Ross Heaven, Medicine for the Soul, Moon Books; Reprint edition (27 July 2012). ISBN: 978-1780994192

Review Details: Medicine for the Soul was reviewed by Yvonne Ryves, author of Web of Life, for Indie Shaman magazine.

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