Labyrinth is 53 minutes of atmospheric music and pure relaxation, opening with the tranquil sounds of didgeridoo and flute, in which musician Joe Caudwell invites you to go on a journey travelling the labyrinth of sound and vibration.

Caudwell, a UK based multi-instrumentalist who is inspired by his love of Nature and the ocean, plays a variety of flutes and percussion throughout the CD aiming to “aid our connection with the land and our ancestors”, the unnamed tracks merging seamlessly into each other providing space and sounds for the listener to travel into a journey of their own.

Recording and mastering the music himself Caudwell maintains the integrity of his intent for the sound, as space for the listener’s own dreaming; acting as a channel for the creative moments he encountered and allowing the listener to interpret and experience as appropriate for them. As well as playing all the instruments he made and designed the eco-friendly packaging and wrote the handwritten blessing/poem on the back of the CD card sleeve.

If you love the sound of the didgeridoo, Labyrinth will be perfect for you as it demonstrates how this instrument can create a myriad of different sounds rather than ‘just drone’. Labyrinth creates a variety of moods – some tracks are livelier, some have a bit of chanting or sounds reminiscent of water and the cries of birds – but all are perfect and highly recommended listening for taking some time and space for dreaming, journeying or simply relaxing.

Enjoy your journey into the music as this Labyrinth is, quite simply, enchanting!

Details: Joe Caudwell. Labyrinth. Released October 14, 2019.

Review Details: Labyrinth was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was  published in Issue 43.

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