In the Shadow of Her Wings, the Morrigan

In the Shadow of Her Wings is a gorgeous little workbook, ideally suited for those who feel called to work with the Morrigan. As the author says, “One that will help you understand and embrace the dark as part of the whole, because we need the dark and the light, we cannot have one without the other …”

Wonderfully illustrated with images from original paintings by author, Wyn Abbot, this book also contains snippets from her personal experience. Beginning with the “mythological context in a very small nutshell”, there are sections on working with the Morrigan, Macha and Badb; each chapter containing a guided journey exercise and ritual for meeting each of the triple goddess. And this is a book that supports your own explorations rather than dictates. For example, you are sensibly advised to work through the book in the order you feel best, rather than feel you have to work systematically.

Following the chapters on the individual sisters, there is one on the Morrigan and the Sidhe. Then a chapter about the Morrigan and her Animal Kin: ravens, crows, wolf, eels, snakes, horse, cows. The final chapter is on ‘The Morrigan, her place in the Universe’- planets and star constellations. Throughout the book there are beautifully watermarked pages with space for you to record your own thoughts and experiences as you work through the book.

Highly recommended and ideal for anyone who feels called to walk with the Morrigan, In the Shadow of Her Wings: The Morrigan provides a wonderful introduction through the tools, information and inspiration it gives the reader.

Book Details: Wyn Abbot. In the Shadow of Her Wings, The Morrigan. Lune Valley Publishing (2021).  ISBN 978-1916896628.

Review Details: In the Shadow of Her Wings, The Morrigan was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 51.

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