Who is shamanismbooks.co.uk?
shamanismbooks.co.uk is run by Indie Shaman, an independent UK based organisation and magazine publisher.

Book reviews published on this website have featured in Indie Shaman magazine.

Please visit Indie Shaman for more information (link opens in new window).

I am a publisher how do I contact you?
We welcome information about the publication of relevant books. Please contact us via our contact page, or write to Book Reviews, Indie Shaman, 18 Bradwell Grove, Danesmoor, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S45 9TA.

Will you review my book? Do you review books from self-published authors?
Possibly and yes. If you are a self-published author and would like us to review your book please contact us via our contact page giving some information about your book. Please note having a book reviewed involves the reviewer giving an honest opinion of your book. If we agree your book is suitable for review we will forward the review to you prior to publication.

Will my book review appear in Indie Shaman magazine?
Reviews that are published in Indie Shaman magazine also appear on this website. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee a review will be published in the magazine as well as on this website due to restrictions of page space. If we review your book or feature your review we will let you know if it will also appear in the magazine.

Will you feature my book review?
If you are a book reviewer or have read a book you would like to review please contact us using our contact form. Please note we do not accept reviews by authors of their own book. Book reviews should contain, as well as an honest opinion about the book, some information about the contents.

You have featured a review of my book and I think you have put it in the wrong category.
If you think a review of your book is in the wrong category or should be included in an additional category please contact us.


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