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Browse books on shamanism and related topics listed by book title (alphabetical order excluding words ‘the’, ‘a’ etc).

The Accidental Shaman

Advanced Shamanism

The Andean Cosmovision

Anglo-Saxon Rune Lore

Animal Magic

Australian Druidry

Ayahuasca: The Vine of Souls

The Biophilia Effect

Calling Us Home

Caves of Power

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Change the Story of Your Health

Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo

A Concise Guide To A Life On Earth

Conscious Food: Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating

A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle

Crystal Skulls

Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip

Dancing with Raven and Bear


Dirty and Divine

Divining with Animal Guides

Dreaming Wide Awake

Dreams of the Reiki Shaman

The Dream Whisperer

The Druid Shaman

Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet

El Niño Fidencio and the Fidencistas

Embracing No Other

The Enchanted Life

Encounters with Power

Enlightenment is Your Nature

Faerie Forest: An Exploration of the Folklore and Faeries Surrounding Seven Magical Trees

Faerie Stones

Following the Deer Trods

Gardening with The Moon & Stars

Georgia through Earth, Fire, Air and Water

The Gift of Shamanism: Visionary Power, Ayahuasca Dreams, and Journeys to Other Realms

Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy

The Golden Book of Wisdom

The Gospel of Falling Down: The Beauty of Failure in an Age of Success

Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks

Gwyn ap Nudd

A Healer of Souls

The Healing Code of Nature

Healing Plants of the Celtic Druids

The Heart of Life

The Heart of the Labyrinth

The Hedge Druid’s Craft

Herbal Allies

Herbs of the Southern Shaman

The Horse Boy

I, Energy

I Send A Voice

Jaguar In The Body, Butterfly In The Heart

The Last of the Shor Shamans

Leopard Warrior

Living Shamanism, Unveiling the Mystery

The Lost Art of Heart Navigation

The Magic of Shamanism

Medicine for the Soul

Merlin, Once and Future Wizard

MPower the Shaman

Mushroom Essences

Natural Born Shamans

The Nepalese Shamanic Path


The Norse Shaman

Northern Wisdom: The Havamal, Tao of the North

Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman (Arkana)

One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life

Pagan Dreaming

Plant Spirit Healing: A guide to working with plant consciousness

Plant Spirit Wisdom

Post-Tribal Shamanism, A new look at the old ways

Primal Awareness

Psychedelic Marine

Revealing the Green Man


The Rush Hour Shaman

Runes and Rainbows

Sacred Art

Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa

Sacred Plant Initiations: Communicating with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness

The Secret People

Seven Ages of the Goddess

The 7 Wyrths of All Ages

The Shaman Within: Reclaiming our Rites of Passage

Shamanic Alchemy

Shamanic Awakening. My Journey from Darkness to Daylight

Shamanic Healing

The Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder

Shamanic Transformations

Shamanism and Spirituality in Therapeutic Practice

Shamanism: Awaken and Develop the Shamanic Force Within

Shamanism for Teenagers, Young Adults and the Young at Heart

The Shaman’s Spirit

Siberian Shamanism

Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

The Sin Eater’s Last Confession

The Singing Warrior

Sky Shamans of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers

The Smell of Rain on Dust

Spirits from the Edge of the World

Spiritual Wisdom from the Altai Mountains

Starcat’s Corner: Essays on Pagan Living

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism

Tending to Your Inner Garden: A Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness

The Toltec Secret: Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans

Trees of the Goddess: a new way of working with the Ogham

Two Hearts in Tuva

Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing

The View Through the Medicine Wheel

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life

The Way of Change. Finding Your Power To Thrive In A Changing World

Way of the Bushman: Spiritual Teachings and Practices of the Kalahari Ju/’hoansi

Web of Life. Guidance for Your Life Journey

What is Shamanism

Whispers from The Earth: Teaching stories from the ancestors, beautifully woven for today’s spiritual seekers

White Spirit Animals

Wild Earth Wild Soul

Winds of Spirit

Witchcraft and Secret Societies of Rural England

Words for Wellbeing

2012 – 2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun – The Path of Quetzalcoatl

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