A Concise Guide To A Life On Earth

The text in A Concise Guide to a Life on Earth is not in a usual standard format, flowing instead like a river with all the inherent pauses, rushes and whirlpools of little repetitions that entails. This format is not accidental as the intention is to inspire a form of meditative reading.

Author Martin Robbins says that as well as reading the book from cover to cover it serves as a divination tool and from my experience that would be my preference. Robbins recommends thinking of a number and reading the corresponding chapter although you could also open the book then go to the beginning of the relevant chapter. Read as you would a poem or chant letting the tide of words flow over you rather than focus on the text itself and see what relates to your current circumstances and what thoughts emerge.

Robbins states that A Concise Guide To A Life On Earth is work channelled through him from the legendary Merlin which may appeal to some readers more than others. However regardless of your personal beliefs this little book contains a lovely fountain of knowledge which makes a great personal oracle.

Book Details: Martin Robbins. A Concise Guide To a Life on Earth. Soul Connection (2014). ISBN 9780993098000.

Review Details: A Concise Guide To A Life On Earth was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine. 

Buy: At the time of writing this review A Concise Guide To a Life on Earth is not currently available via the usual online retailers but is available direct from the author for €12 +pp and is also on sale in Watkins Bookshop London, Dervish Store in Cork and Dublin, Atlantis Holistic Store Castlebar, Organico Health Shop in Bantry, Elements in Galway, Earth Holistic Centre in Belfast.

For more information contact Martin Robbins at martin.spiritconnection@gmail.com.

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