Web of Life

For those living in contemporary society it is important to find our own way of making sense of our lives, our own connections to the world around us.

Everything that exists is interconnected but how can you find your way to connect with it all, to hear the communication that contains messages for you?

In her book Web of Life Yvonne Ryves gives a complete course of exercises designed to give a sense of direction through creating something that belongs uniquely to you.   These exercises take you through creating your own sacred space, finding and connecting with teachers relevant to you and creating physical cards and methods you can use to weave your own web.

Yvonne touches on the background and theories Web of Life is based on, including the medicine wheel, sacred hoop and web, and includes her own experiences as a useful comparison.  However the real strength of this book is in the exercises which are ideally suited for those who are looking for practical tools to start or develop their own practice and path through life.  Highly recommended!

Book Details: Yvonne Ryves, Web of Life. Guidance for Your Life Journey, Moon Books (29 Mar 2013).  ISBN: 978-1780999609

Review Details: Web of Life was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine.

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