The Rush Hour Shaman

The Rush Hour ShamanThe Rush Hour Shaman

Author, Janet Gale, noticed that people returning to urban life after attending a rural workshop believed they couldn’t stay connected to the earth nor carry out shamanic work in an urban setting, so wrote The Rush Hour Shaman as a ‘how to’ book for living shamanically in the modern world. Chapter headings are entitled like a car journey in contemporary Canada or America with chapters on ‘Merging onto the Freeway’, ‘Packing for the Trip’ and ‘Using a High Occupancy Lane’ (one with spiritual guides in it!) but the comparisons should also be obvious to readers in the UK.

The book includes a useful tool kit of exercises including: creating a sacred space; a morning meditation to set your intention for the day; a full moon and new moon ritual to reconnect to the cycles of life; meeting your spirit helpers including use of a drumming CD for journeying; dealing with doubt; plus working with some basic tools of the trade, drums and rattles.

If you are setting off on a new journey into core or contemporary shamanism The Rush Hour Shaman is worth looking at as a ‘sat nav’ to guide you on your way.

Janet Elizabeth Gale. The Rush Hour Shaman. Moon Books (2014). ISBN: 978-1782794660.

The Rush Hour Shaman was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

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