The Andean Cosmovision

The Andean CosmovisionThe Andean Cosmovision

Oakley Gordon has been studying the epistemology (theory of knowledge) of the indigenous people who live in the remote villages of the high Andes of Peru since 1994 under the tutelage of his Peruvian mentor, don Americo Yabar. And in The Andean Cosmovision he aims to provide a guidebook for exploring aspects of ourselves, nature and the cosmos via the indigenous culture of the high Andes in South America. ‘Cosmovision’ is a Spanish noun (cosmovisión) meaning a particular understanding and way of relating to the world and “The Andean people live in a world where the mountains, the trees, the rivers are as aware of the people as the people are of them”.

As well as chapters describing the author’s experiences in the Andes and describing the concepts he learns about, The Andean Cosmovision provides many experiential exercises for the reader to try for themselves. For as Gordon states “For this path you don’t need a guru. You need the Pachamama … you need the Apus …; you need the stars, the wind, the trees, the rivers, the sun”. And in The Andean Cosmovision he provides an excellent guidebook for those exploring new territory together with a map and some very useful advice to get you started on your way.

The Andean Cosmovision was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine

Oakley E Gordon. The Andean Cosmovision. Oakley Gordon (17 July 2014). ISBN-10: 0990480003. ISBN-13: 978-0990480006

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