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Ross Heaven was “fortunate enough to meet and work with a sin eater” in the 1970s; a Celtic healer, ‘devourer of human sins’ and cunning man who was also a practitioner of folk healing and spiritual herbalism. His meeting with this man, Adam, was the start of an informal apprenticeship which lasted more than 10 years during which time Heaven learned some of the Celtic arts of healing, the spiritual properties of plants, herbs and trees and the wisdom of nature.

In Plant Spirit Wisdom: Shamans and Sin Eaters the author passes on some of what he learned; giving a wide range of information including what a sin eater is (and does) as well as information on other shamanic terms such as psychopomp, spirit intrusions and soul loss.

There is also an abundance of practical guidance on journeying work with trees; plus infusion recipes, how to make flower essences and information on shamanic dieting with plants, as well as traditional Celtic tales and plant mythology.

Another very interesting read from this very well established author and one with something to suit any reader interested in shamanism or in working with plants and herbalism.

Book Details: Plant Spirit Wisdom was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine

Review Details: Ross Heaven. Plant Spirit Wisdom: Shamans and Sin Eaters. O Books (26 Sept. 2008,Reprinted 2011). ISBN: 978-1846941238.

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