Natural Born Shamans

Natural Born Shamans is about spiritual and shamanic work with children and the guiding principles of ‘shamanic parenting’. Author, Imelda Almqvist, is a Dutch shamanic practitioner, based in London, who has three sons.  During her own childhood she learnt how to cope with the difficulties of experiencing premonitions and being called by spirit to do psychopomp work at night. She was called by spirit to ‘start a shamanic group for young people’ and has run the Time Travellers group in London since 2012.

Opening with a foreword by Sandra Ingerman, Part 1 of the book introduces the concepts of the work, the issues that can occur including obstacles and prejudices and how to work with ‘lost’ (spirit) children. Part 2 contains 32 session plans from Almqvist’s work with her Time Travellers group, including suggestions for journeywork with children.

I must admit I was rather put off by the book title, Natural Born Shamans (partly as it reminded me of some of the worst aspects of the ‘Indigo/Crystal children’ belief). The author also states some ‘cosmic laws’/‘guiding spiritual principles’ which, in my opinion, are beliefs rather than principles and not necessarily part of a shamanic practice or path. However there is a valid explanation of what a shaman is and where the term originates from. Plus it is also pretty clear the book is related to work with all children so it’s worth ignoring the above, if you feel similarly and picking the elements of the book that work for you.

Well worth buying if you are a parent looking for ideas to work creatively and spiritually with your own children. Also for any practitioner who would find the session plans useful as a starting point to spiritual work with young people or is looking for guidance around some of the issues you may encounter.

p.s. Reviewers Note: Please don’t use sky lanterns in ceremony (p 159). For more information on the dangers they pose to wildlife and the environment visit the RSPCA Advice and Welfare website page.

Book Details: Imelda Almqvist. Natural Born Shamans. Moon Books (2016)). ISBN: 978-1-785353680

Review Details: Natural Born Shamans was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

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